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Your security means the most to us. We want to be able to provide you security where you cannot while safeguarding your cards. The following areas are additional ways we help keep your card and personal information safe from harm.


Prism is a state of the art fraud monitoring of both PIN and Signature-based transactions. Prism is integrated with our online card processing to provide a single vendor support for monitoring of both Pin and signature based debit transactions. Prism is active 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Card Fraud Detection 800-889-5280

If an unusual transaction is processed on your card, a flag immediately alerts our Fraud Monitoring department. This department is aligned with First Third Processing Solutions. You may receive a call or letter in the mail if a transaction is questioned. Your identification should be verified before you continue with any personal information or further conversation. If fraud has occurred, your card will immediately be blocked from further activity. You will need to contact First National Bank to order a replacement card.

MasterCard® Securecode®

You can register your card with MasterCard® Securecode®. Registering your debit card guarantees any online purchases at participating merchant sites can only be made by you with your secret code (not your PIN). You can never be liable for online fraud transactions by registering, however if you card is used fraudulently and is not registered, you may be liable for the transaction. See more information on our MasterCard® Securecode® page.