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Jeanie ATM Card - Easy and Secure Banking !

Your First National Bank Jeanie Card is providing you with the service to make your banking easier than ever before. You will have the ability to access your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week at any ATM with the Jeanie, Pulse or Cirrus logo. Enjoy the ease and security of balance inquiries, transfer of funds, deposits, and cash withdraw all with your Jeanie card.

You have the access to use your Jeanie Card at any Merchant who accepts PIN-based point-of-sale transactions when tied to a checking account. To protect your account, there is a fixed $310.00 daily cash/POS transaction limit on every card.

All ATM activity done at a First National Bank machine is free. However for those times when you do not have access to our machine, you will only be charged $1.00 for using an outside ATM machine (the fee charged by the institution that owns the machine will vary).

To apply, visit your local branch.